Retail Merchandiser - March/April 2016 - New & Notable - 79


Miracle-Gro® Hoses and Accessories
Put the latest in technology to work for you! Miracle-Gro® hoses and accessories
are lightweight but durable and allow you to water your lawn and garden only
when and where you really need it!

Miracle-Gro® Bulbs
New from the experts at Miracle-Gro, premium flower bulbs
for big beautiful blooms! Available now at home centers,
hardware and garden centers.


Scotts® Sync™ System
The 20V lithium ion-powered Scotts® Sync™ System is engineered for performance and
durability and includes an innovative on-board battery fuel gauge and a unique charging
station that conveniently charges the battery while still on the tool!

The Miracle-Gro® Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter has
two 18.5 gallon (70 liter) chambers for added composting
convenience. The "green" gardener can now be using the
finished compost in one chamber while the other chamber
is compost processing. Heavy-duty all-season construction
means years of great backyard use!

Scotts® and
Touchscreenenabled Gloves
Now you don't have to stop work to use
your phone or tablet! Garden or landscape
while you adjust the music or take the call
you've been waiting for with Scotts® and
Miracle-Gro® touchscreen-capable gloves.

Scotts® Weed Out™
Weeds ruin your yard. Don't get mad, get
even. The Scotts® Weed Out Pro™ is the
fastest way to remove stubborn lawn and
garden weeds that just won't go away.
With the Scotts® Weed Out Pro™, you get
instant gratification and your yard back
to being beautiful within minutes. Just a
simple push, twist and pull will easily
remove the largest weeds you encounter.

Miracle-Gro® Kids
The Miracle-Gr0® Kids line is an interactive experience for
kids and parents alike! Enjoy watching flowers, herbs and
vegetables grow. The kits are all-inclusive and can be
personalized to each child's individual interests. A
wonderful learning experience for children of all ages
that will surely help them find their green thumb!

March/April 2016




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Retail Merchandiser - March/April 2016 - New & Notable - 79
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