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TennRich International Corp./XPAL Power

Energizer UE5202
portable power charger
Energizer UE5202 gives your smartphone and tablet
the extra battery life you need to last through the
day, the 2 USB ports provide you fast and stable
charging up to two devices at once in a compact
design, keeping you charged without weighing you
down wherever you go!

Midland Power Inc.

Midland Power Inc.

TennRich International Corp./XPAL Power



The Energizer EZV2200 is a 2,200-watt
portable gas powered inverter generator.

The Energizer EZV2800 is a 2,800-watt
portable gas powered inverter generator with
electric start and RV outlet.

Energizer XP8000A
rechargeable Power

The XP8000A rechargeable Power Bank is a
must-have power solution for netbook, tablet,
and smartphone users. It is only the size of a
smartphone, yet delivers plenty of power to finish
work, surf the web, and charge your smartphone with
the High capacity that can support 3 output ports for
powering all your key devices.


Energizer Lithium-Polymer
Car Jump Starter - 5600mAh
Jump-start a car with a device small enough to fit in your pocket
or glove box, weighing less than 300g. Charges smartphones and
tablets using a 2.1A USB port.

Energizer 5-Section
Mini Tabletop Tripod
Sturdy, compact camera stand delivering
adjustable and secure mounting for
timed photos, self-portraits and more.
Made of lightweight high-impact aluminum,
it can support the weight of most point-andshoot and compact system cameras and stretches to 10 inches high.

Energizer Multi-Fit Wireless
Remote Shutter Release (ENS-WUNI)
The multi-fit wireless remote trigger works with most digital cameras through reliable
infrared technology for crisp, blur-free photography. Its ample 15-ft range is perfect
for self-timer exposures and it includes six multi-fit cable connectors for wired
connection as well.


Energizer Multi-Use
Card Reader/Writer
The Multi-Fit USB 2.0 Digital Card Reader allows quick fast
file transfer for most variations of SD, XD, CF, MS, micro
SD, and TF memory cards. Its Plug-and-Play operation
makes sharing a breeze. Supported by Windows and iOS
operating systems.
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