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New&Notable Topps Cupcake Digital Mars Attacks: The Dice Game The Smurfs iTalk App Check out The Smurfs iTalk app from Cupcake Digital and talk, wiggle and feed your Smurf. Earn smurfberries-points, buy treats and keep your Smurf happy! Budge Studios Smurfs Bakery Join Smurfette in the kitchen with Smurfs Bakery from Budge Studios and whip-up tasty desserts. Test recipes at home! In Mars Attacks: The Dice Game, lead your team of Martian invaders to conquer Earth. Destroy cities, get your picture taken in front of famous monuments, and be the Martian with the most Earthling kills! Watch out for nukes! dice/marsattacks American Plastic Toys Fashion Doll SUV The Detroit area based American Plastic Toys expands their automotive line with the new colorful SUV. Just like last year's Coupe, the new model is the perfect fit for most of today's most popular 11 - 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls. Toyze Outfit7/Talking Tom 3D Cloud b Super Max the Turtle This new compact, all plastic version of the award-winning Twilight Turtle helps empower all children to feel strong and calm wherever they are. Hog Wild Bring Talking Tom and Friends to life as 3D-printed toys, thanks to the first "app store" for 3D-printed customizable game characters from Toyze. Available on Toyze's app on Google Play and at the AppStore. Unicorn Poppers Magnificent rainbows are popping near you! Introducing two new Unicorn Poppers that shoot rainbow colored soft foam balls-up to 20 feet! Just squeeze the belly of the Unicorn and shoot out a soft foam ball. Six balls come with each of the Unicorn Poppers. Dragon-I Toys Outfit7/ Talking Tom Hero XL Get Talking Tom off of your mobile device and into your home with the Talking Tom Plush Hero! Like the popular app, this plush Talking Tom will repeat what you say. But he's also prone to making other noises - so beware! Zing! Firetek Bow Light up the day or night with the Firetek Bow from Zing! The latest addition to the line of "parent-approved" launchers is the ultimate foam bow and arrow archery toy - now with blazing LED light-up power for an illuminating effect for any type of target practice! Comes with three Zonic Blaze glowing, whistle-screaming arrows. January/February 2015 RETAIL-MERCHANDISER.COM 79 http://www.RETAIL-MERCHANDISER.COM

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Retail Merchandiser - January/February 2015