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Supplier MONARCH CUSTOM BEVERAGES Bevy of Beverages From tea to craft beer, Monarch Custom Beverages works with private-label brand owners to develop unique solutions that compete with national brand-name products. Larry Williams, vice president of sales www.monarchcustom Canton, Ga. 24 M onarch Custom Beverages stays true to its name. As a contract beverage manufacturer, the Cold Spring Brewing Co. subsidiary works with private label-brand customers to provide each one with a unique product. Whether energy drinks, teas, juice, carbonated soft drinks, fruit-flavored beverages, beer or flavored malt beverages, Monarch Custom Beverages is able to walk its clients from A to Z and produce a one-of-a-kind quality beverage. The company’s manufacturing facility produces more than 30 million cases of canned and bottled beverages annually. In working with partner bottlers, Monarch Custom Beverages can produce in excess of another 10 million cases annually. September/October 2013 “We typically work with a retailer or a brand developer in the formulation of a beverage product,” Vice President of Sales Larry Williams explains. “We recommend certain suppliers and equipment and packaging. We can handle the formulation, raw materials suppliers and manufacturing or make recommendations in order that they might make the beverage on their own or we can make it for them on a turnkey basis.” Monarch Custom Beverages is able to meet the customers where they are. If a client has the manufacturing capabilities but requires help on the R&D side, Monarch Custom Beverages is able to assist in that area. Alternatively, if a company has a stellar brand and top-notch marketing team but

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2013
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2013