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Upfront THE COCA-COLA CO. CocaGlobal The iconic logos, slogans and characters created by Coca-Cola are licensing gold that is being promoted worldwide in innovative products. Licensing for Europe is significantly different from licensing in other areas of the world. “What’s really different about Europe is it’s a much more complex market in the way that it consists of a large number of unique countries,” the Coca-Cola Co.’s Global Licensing Manager Marsha Schroeder points out. “Each country has their own language, as well as their own government and different terms for importing and exporting products. There are very specific retailers by country, and also there are some specific trends by country. For example, something that may work really well in the United Kingdom may not work well in France, and vice-versa.” One thing that is true the world over is that Coca-Cola becomes popular wherever it is introduced. It is that popularity that makes licensing products with its logos and slogans so successful. “We continue to place a lot of emphasis on design as a way for us to differentiate our products in the market and also different tiers of retail,” Schroeder remarks. “We also continue to focus on innovation across the licensing business.” A concept that is proving successful is bundling Coca-Cola with products bearing its logo and slogans. Brand Packaging Solutions, a company based in the United Kingdom, is creating gift sets that feature bottles filled with Coca-Cola combined with Coca-Cola-branded accessories and homeware items, such as glasses or bottle openers with the Coca-Cola logo. The company then sells these to retailers in the United Kingdom. 14 September/October 2013 Marsha Schroeder, global licensing manager Atlanta

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2013
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2013