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Real Estate Goodwill of Central Arizona’s new Redesign concept focuses on selling new and used furniture and home goods. GOODWILL OF CENTRAL ARIZONA Good Work Goodwill of Central Arizona is in a good place for growth with its new Redesign retail concept. G Jackie Halleen Phoenix 78 oodwill of Central Arizona focuses on selling products, but its success is really based on its staff ’s customer service, Vice President of Real Estate Kim Ryder says. “We really value having the best people in play,” she says. Vice President of Retail Operations Jackie Halleen agrees. “Not only are we a fast-growing retail organization, but we’re a mission-based organization,” she says. “[We need] people that will really contribute and be really passionate about what they do.” Based in Phoenix, the nonprofit organization is part of Goodwill Industries International Inc. Goodwill of Central Arizona started operations in 1947 and today has 52 resale stores and nine donation centers in its region, Ryder says. The company also has strong brand recognition, Halleen says. “When people think thrift, Goodwill is absolutely top of mind here in central Arizona,” she says. Although its stores vary in size, “When you go into [one], you know what you’re going to find,” she says. “They all have the same [format].” July/August 2013 Stocking the Shelves Despite Goodwill of Central Arizona’s brand recognition, it can be challenging getting product donations for its stores. “Without donations from our great customers, we wouldn’t be in business,” Halleen admits. “We’re constantly seeking new ways and opportunities to make sure those donations come to Goodwill.” Those have included hiring a donation coordinator who has reached out to nonprofit organizations, including Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America. Together, the groups have held donation drives. This not only helps Goodwill of Central Arizona get more products for its stores’ shelves, but it gives its staff experience in organizing and planning events. Because this initiative is relatively new, “We’ve only had a few [drives],” Halleen admits. The company also operates a pick-up service where it collects unsold and unwanted products from garage sales. “Most organizations don’t operate that way,” she notes. “We’ve been very successful and have been able to keep our costs down, so it hasn’t affected our bottom line drastically.” Something New Goodwill of Central Arizona recently introduced its “Redesign” retail concept, which is a new venture for the company. Halleen explains that two new stores in central Arizona specialize in selling new and used furniture and home goods. The idea for Redesign came, Halleen explains, when Goodwill was relocating one of its traditional locations. “We didn’t want to leave the building dark,” she recalls. “[So] we came up with the concept of something a little different.” Each Redesign location, she explains, shows customers how they can use the used furniture in their homes. Additionally, Goodwill of Central Arizona works with several vendors, including Home Fur-

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Retail Merchandiser - July/August 2013
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Retail Merchandiser - July/August 2013