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Upfront Richard Lowe, International Creative Director New York SPIEGEL Firm Fashion Fixture Spiegel’s century-long history in women’s fashion is built on its promise of accessible and affordable clothing for all ages that can be shopped via catalog, online or in stores. Spiegel is part of the small category of fashion retailers that are historical icons and continue to remain modern mainstays, which is no easy feat. It might not be on the record, but everyone knows that no industry is as fickle as women’s fashion. But for the past 100 years, Spiegel has been right there with women – even a step ahead – predicting in the summer what its customers will feel like wearing next fall. Spiegel was founded as an American furniture company in 1865 and transitioned into a fashion retailer that began selling women’s clothing in 1912. Through newfound independence gained during the suffrage movement that continued into the 1920s and the working women’s revolution of the 1970s, Spiegel brought class to mass with its catalog, found in millions of households throughout the country – unifying women’s fashion from coast to coast. 16 July/August 2013

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Retail Merchandiser - July/August 2013
Digital Messaging
How to Bring New Life to the Center Store
Fall Toy Preview 2013
WWWDMAGIC 2013 Fashion Preview
Hispanic Footwear
Firm Fashion Fixture
Macy’s Magic
Generating Buzz
Looking Sharp
On the Trend
Shoe Sensation
Victorinox Swiss Army Inc.
Hiller’s Market
Patrick James Inc.
Art Van Furniture
Fairway Market
Architec Housewares
Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems
Burnstad’s Market
Shoe Carnival Inc.
Destination XL
Hibbett Sports
R.H. Ledbetter Properties
Goodwill of Central Arizona
Beyond the Rack LLC
Cymax Canada
Diamond Nexus
New & Notable

Retail Merchandiser - July/August 2013