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Licensing AFFINITY CONSULTANTS Long Live Licensing For Greek organizations, part of protecting their legacies involves protecting their brands, and Affinity Consultants is helping them do that, as well as grow. rand building is all about credibility and protection – mainly gaining credibility and then protecting it. So more than 20 years ago, when Greek fraternity and sorority organizations nationwide began seeing an increasing number of manufacturers using their names in unwanted and unauthorized fashion, the Greek community responded with a resounding “no more.” And why shouldn’t they? Coca-Cola doesn’t let anyone make and sell spinoffs of its name without approval, so why wouldn’t these B Dan Shaver Vista, Calif. organizations – founded with specific missions and some more than a century old – do the same? Their credibility was built over decades and today they are using their resources to protect it – no official shirt, sweater, coffee mug or jewelry hits the retail stands that falls short of the quality benchmarks or criteria specified by the licensor. Only credible merchandise is allowed, which makes sense since credibility is one of Greek life’s main draws. “We make sure our clients’ trademarks are protected and administered fairly across the board,” says Dan Shaver, president of Affinity Consultants. “We work diligently to ensure that only appropriate uses of the trademarks are allowed and that unlicensed uses of the trademarks are addressed to create a fair playing field for our licensees.” Affinity Consultants represents national and international Greek fraternity and sorority organizations in the areas of licensing, public relations, marketing and design. Founded in 1997, the firm played a large role in the Greek trademarking revolution, assisting 24 November/December 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - November/December 2012
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Retail Merchandiser - November/December 2012