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Retail OCEAN STATE JOB LOT Adventures in Shopping Rhode Island-based Ocean State Job Lot says it is focused on giving customers throughout the Northeast an ever-changing array of closeout merchandise at great values. cean State Job Lot CEO Marc Perlman admits the experience of shopping in one of his stores can be confusing in terms of the types of items it stocks at any given time. “We sacrifice continuity to create value,” says Perlman, who started the North Kingstown, R.I.-based closeout retailer with brother Alan and best friend Roy Dubs in 1977. “We’re not married to any one particular category; we chase value, and that takes us in all sorts of different directions.” As an example, the retailer’s recent stocking of the Cumberland MF3800 multi-fuel pellet stove, which it sells for $2,000, no doubt raised a few eyebrows among shoppers not used to seeing such a high-ticket item in a closeout store. For Ocean State Job Lot, though, the stove – which typically retails for $3,500 O Marc Perlman North Kingstown, R.I. – fits its mission of offering the best prices possible. “Over the years we’ve learned to have confidence in more expensive closeouts,” Perlman says. “We’re trying to maximize value, and sometimes that means stocking both low-priced products and high-priced ones.” Although merchandise routinely changes, value has been the common denominator since the company opened its first store in 1977. “We are a value provider in the retail marketplace,” he adds. “From the time we started, we felt that people work hard for their money, so anyone who is going to create value will be rewarded. We’re completely focused on saving the customer money, and they’ve responded to us with their business for more than three decades.” Quality is another common thread through Ocean State Job Lot’s offerings. “I’m a believer that junk at 82 September/October 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2012
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2012