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Licensing SONY PICTURES CONSUMER PRODUCTS Some Hot Properties After its success with ‘The Smurfs,’ Sony Pictures Consumer Products is gearing up for more with a Smurfs sequel and this year’s animated feature film, ‘Hotel Transylvania.’ n the entertainment world, the work involved with a film or television show does not stop with the final edit. Instead, it continues through many different avenues, including the merchandising related to the production. This is the main focus of Culver City, Calif.-based Sony Pictures Consumer Products, the strategic licensing and merchandising arm for studio Sony Pictures. Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products Gregory G. Economos notes that it has developed products for popular current films such as “The Smurfs,” classic films like “Ghostbusters,” and acclaimed TV shows including “Breaking Bad.” Economos says Sony strives to continue consumers’ enjoyment of its properties after they leave the theater or turn off the TV. For instance, with its toys or kids’ apparel, “we want [to extend] the positive experience the child had with a character while watching a film or television show,” he says. “That’s what we do with all of our properties.” I Gregory G. Economos Culver City, Calif. role in 2010. Under his leadership, the division has nurtured a “less-is-more” philosophy, focusing more on its relationships with its licensing and retail partners than on how many products it puts out. “We can’t merchandise every single property from the studio,” he admits. “We’ve tried to look at deeper, broader relationships with fewer partners.” This approach proved successful for the company last year with its merchandise program for summer film release of “The Smurfs.” Based on the popular animated series from the 1980s, the film launched a whole new generation of fans of the little blue characters. Smurfs merchandise during the film release window sold close to $300 million dollars in U.S.based retail sales and is still doing well at retail. Because of this success, Sony Pictures Consumer Products was able to expand its staff to handle the new business. With these additions, Less is More A 13-year veteran of Sony Pictures, Economos started his career as an intellectual property lawyer and then worked at Saban Entertainment, the owner of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” during that property’s initial launch in the early 1990s. Economos joined Sony Pictures Consumer Products in 1999 as its head of business and legal affairs for the newly formed Consumer Products division. He undertook his current 56 September/October 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2012
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2012