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Licensing MARS RETAIL GROUP The Sweet Life on Mars Mars Retail Group introduced Ms. Brown as the latest M&M’S® spokescandy this year, but she is only one aspect of what keeps consumers excited about the iconic M&M’S® and Mars brands. hen a new kid comes to school, the rest of the students are quite curious about their new classmate. The new student, however, is typically shy and takes awhile to get comfortable in his or her new surroundings. When Ms. Brown came on the scene in the M&M’S® universe, Red and Yellow were naturally curious about her, but the newest M&M’S® spokescandy is far from bashful. In fact, Ms. Brown has been around since the candy’s inception in 1941, and at this year’s Super Bowl, she stepped out from behind W the scenes as the CCO – Chief Chocolate Officer – of Mars Incorporated. “The fact is, it doesn’t get better than the original,” Ms. Brown stresses. Mars Retail Group (MRG) is excited to bring Ms. Brown into the spotlight, and the company’s licensees are welcoming her with open arms. Retail Merchandiser recently spoke with John Capizzi, general manager of licensing for MRG, about Ms. Brown and the other spokescandies, how Mars is enhancing the M&M’S® World retail experience and why the company’s focus on five principles makes people smile. 46 May/June 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - May/June 2012
‘Push’ vs. ‘Pull’
Narrow Your Band
Celebrating in Style
Give a Little Something Extra
Charm City Cakes
LazyTown Entertainment
Binny’s Beverage Depot
Vallarta Supermarkets Inc.
Cintron Beverage Group
Total Wine and More
Golfsmith International Inc.
Barrow Fine Furniture
Hedahls Auto Plus
Kopp Drug Inc.
Grafton-Fraser Inc.
Intelligent Office Canada
A1 Counting Solutions
New & Notable
Focus on Licensing - May/June 2012
2012 Preview
Franchising Facts
Hello Kitty Charm
Playing It Up
Saban Brands Powers Up
Mars Retail Group
SEGA of America Inc.
Major League Baseball Players Association
Universal Partnerships & Licensing
Remington Arms Co.
Cartoon Network Enterprises
Hybrid Apparel
Agile Network
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Retail Merchandiser - May/June 2012