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Beverage Merchandiser CINTRON BEVERAGE GROUP A Major Focus on Flavor Creating an energy drink with great taste was the inspiration behind the creation and growth of Cintron Beverage Group, and the company continues to focus on taste as it moves forward. ome energy drinks may provide many with the pep they need in their steps, but the drinks often leave consumers wanting more in terms of taste. Since 2006, Cintron Beverage Group has strived to be the energy drink producer that puts taste first. “We’ve been evolving and have redesigned our product lines,” CEO Rich Wyatt says. “Cintron is more of a premium, lifestyle brand with a Latin flair.” S Latin Beat Although the company’s products have evolved, Cintron has always focused on natural flavors, creating Latin-inspired tastes through careful use of citrus and tropical fruits. After developing Cintron Original, the company expanded its product line into a diversified portfolio of premium beverages that includes iced teas, fruit-ades and different flavors of energy drinks. Having distributed products through the United States and into the Caribbean and South America, some of Cintron’s focus in the coming years will be on its energy drink lines, an organic tea offering and liquid energy shots. By reinvigorating the product line, the company believes it can pick up some solid distribution partners and new customers. “So far, the liquid energy shots are being well-received,” Wyatt says. “As for the organic tea, that comes in a 14-ounce glass and has some unique, Latin flavors. It can be placed in an all-organic store just as easily as in a 7-11.” Product development at Cintron is a process of regular brainstorming that determines possible flavor combinations. From there, the company often reaches out to its reliable base of suppliers that are highly involved in the product trials. “A lot of people provide input in product development,”Wyatt says. “We always keep our eyes and ears 36 May/June 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - May/June 2012
‘Push’ vs. ‘Pull’
Narrow Your Band
Celebrating in Style
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Charm City Cakes
LazyTown Entertainment
Binny’s Beverage Depot
Vallarta Supermarkets Inc.
Cintron Beverage Group
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Focus on Licensing - May/June 2012
2012 Preview
Franchising Facts
Hello Kitty Charm
Playing It Up
Saban Brands Powers Up
Mars Retail Group
SEGA of America Inc.
Major League Baseball Players Association
Universal Partnerships & Licensing
Remington Arms Co.
Cartoon Network Enterprises
Hybrid Apparel
Agile Network
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Retail Merchandiser - May/June 2012