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Beverage Retailer SIGEL’S BEVERAGES The Sigel’s Experience Sigel’s Beverages’ wide selection of hard-to-find spirits and wines, special events and customer-friendly store layouts give it a unique edge in the Dallas retail beverage market. S igel’s Beverages’ focus on providing the best possible customer experience helps it stand apart from its competitors in the crowded Dallas beverage retail marketplace. “We’ve identified a way of doing business that differentiates us from the competition and placed a premium on having a wide selection that’s far above the market norm,” President John Rector says. “We think those things, as well as the look of our stores and an emphasis on customer service, have been the key to our success.” Customers can tell the difference when they enter one of Sigel’s Beverages’ 10 locations, all of which have been renovated in recent years. “I think our customers have identified us as a place of preference to shop because of the things we offer, the way we keep up our stores, how we present our merchandise and the way we sponsor events to expose our products,” says owner Tony Bandiera, who purchased the company in 1995. Rector and Bandiera oversee the company’s marketing and business development and COO Al Miller oversees technology, finance and operation.The three form the decision-making core of the company. Sigel’s Beverages’ origins date back to 1905. Sigel’s locations are designed to have a comfortable, elegant atmosphere with up-to-date lighting systems. Stores also feature informational displays including video loops highlighting products. Aisles are laid out to be attractive and convenient to shoppers. “We want any of our customers to have a good visual idea of where items in our stores are located without needing to ask,” Bandiera says. “We’ve made our stores as customer-friendly as you can get.” Store aisles are a minimum of 6 feet wide and shelves are no higher than 5.5 feet. Items are shelved not only by type and brand, but also with appearance in mind. “This gives our customers a wider range of sight; we try to create a comfortable environment with a lot of room and a lot of eye-catching environments,” Rector says. March/April 2012 retail merchandiser 75

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Retail Merchandiser - March/April 2012
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Retail Merchandiser - March/April 2012