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Retail THE BARGAIN! SHOP Offering Deals for Days Usually a good deal is a special event, but at The Bargain! Shop, great buys are an everyday thing. ho doesn’t like a bargain – where fair prices and quality goods come to a happy junction – especially in the current market? Consumer spending may be down, but the demands on product performance have not diminished. In fact, one can argue, because dollars are scarce and more precious, people are more concerned today with getting their money’s worth than in the past. For Canada, The Bargain! Shop has been the answer to good value at conservative prices since well before the economic crash. The company started as the Canadian sister to Woolworth’s discount store chain and broke off as an independent entity in 1999. Its market mainstay as the place where fair deals abound have allowed it to flourish despite separating from its previous parent company, and it has done W this by knowing exactly who its customers are and what they need. “We are probably strongest in our rural areas,” the company explains. “And we appeal to the broadest base within those areas. In rural stores you might have someone that works in the service industry at a gas station shopping right alongside the president of the bank. It’s just a part of life, so we appeal to a pretty broad range in those areas. To the people who want to shop with us every day and are not looking for a 3-D TV, to those who like a brand name that they feel comfortable putting on their body or in their body, to people that want private labels so they can reduce expenses if necessary – we meet the needs of these customers.” The Bargain! Shop has developed its stronghold in smaller and rural communities, but it doesn’t shy 40 March/April 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - March/April 2012
Creating Value
Design Strategies
Toy Fair 2012 Wrap-Up
Expo West 2012 Wrap-Up
Fashion Week
Category Insight
China Sourcing Fair 2012 Preview
Cover Story: Jessica Simpson
charming CHARLIE
Fantastic Sams
The Bargain! Shop
Sportsman’s Warehouse
Fruth Pharmacy
Apricot Lane Boutique
Hi-School Pharmacy
Hallmark Cards Canada
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Rubie’s Costume Co.
Fashion Angels
K’NEX Brands
Total Wine & More
Sigel’s Beverages
O&W Inc.
New Hampshire State Liquor Commission
Kohler Distributing Co.
New & Notable

Retail Merchandiser - March/April 2012