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Retail NEW HAMPSHIRE STATE LIQUOR COMMISSION Drinking Safely New Hampshire not only sells spirits and wine but also controls their consumption in the hospitality industry while educating its employees and the public. I Joseph Mollica www.liquorand Concord, N.H. t takes more than good customer service for a retail business to succeed, but a retail business surely cannot succeed without it. That is one of the keys to the success of the New Hampshire State Liquor Commission’s 77 stores throughout the state. “We have a lot of great people that work here, believe me,” Chairman Joseph Mollica emphasizes. “The liquor commission is indebted to the people currently that work here and to the legislatures past and present that have supported us. We’re not going to let anybody down. We’re here to sell a product responsibly and safely.” In the state whose motto is “Live Free or Die,” people have the freedom to buy liquor and anything else without sales tax. Because the “sin tax” many states levy on liquor keeps escalating, purchasing liquor in New Hampshire is attractive not only to the state’s residents, but also to its great number of visitors and its neighbors in adjoining states. “New Hampshire has a certain look and feel to it,” Mollica points out. “People come to the state and move to the state because of that look and feel. It’s a neat way of life, and people really enjoy it. I know that’s why I moved to New Hampshire – because of the way of life and the general attitude about the people. It doesn’t say ‘Live Free or Die’ on your license plate for nothing.” Out-of-State Marketing People from more populous states like Massachusetts – from which Mollica moved – have second homes in New Hampshire and vacation there for the skiing, hiking, boating and the fall foliage. 80 January/February 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - January/february 2012
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Retail Merchandiser - January/February 2012