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Licensing GLOBAL ICONS Iconic Achievements Over the past 12 years, Global Icons has become a go-to partner for companies in need of a brand-licensing agency to develop and extend corporate brands and trademarks. Jeff Lotman Los Angeles, Calif. Bill McClinton hen some of the most iconic brands around the world come to you for help, you know you’re doing something special. Since Global Icons was established more than a decade ago as a premier brand-licensing agency, the company’s capabilities in the development and extension of corporate brands and trademarks has helped it grow to include an array of globally known and market-leading clients. “We’ve determined that we can deliver a different level of service to clients by focusing on fewer deals, but the correct deals that help clients grow in certain key areas,” explains Founder and CEO Jeff Lotman. “Programs must ideally fit with a brand and be more W than just a label slap. They must attract the consumers that clients are looking for, benefitting the consumer and the brand.” Strength of experience The company’s philosophy relies heavily on innovation and aggressive marketing, expanding brand awareness and generating new revenue streams for clients by launching new products and distribution channels. It also takes advantage of the experience of its leadership. Lotman spent more than 18 years as a leading executive with a multibillion-dollar manufacturing company before creating Global Icons. His experience with the food and beverage industry has been in- 68 January/February 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - January/february 2012
What the Nose Knows
Customized Marketing
Greener Logistics
Illuminating Retail
Toy Fair 2012 Preview
Wandering Wallet
Targeting Digital Neighborhoods
Ces 2012 Show Wrap-Up
Category Insight
Striker Entertainment
Joester Loria
Sony Pictures
Mind Candy
Empowered Media LLC
Global Icons
Pep Boys
Tedeschi Food Shops
New Hampshire Liquor
B-O-F Corp.
New & Notable

Retail Merchandiser - January/February 2012