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Licensing SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT Selling a Property Sony Pictures Entertainment will support its property launches in 2012 with cautious but smart merchandising programs, remaining mindful of the soft economy. M any of the largest entertainment studios in Hollywood take an exhaustive approach to the marketing of their properties – they will create anything and everything that relates to a television show or film and wait and see what interests and resonates with fans. However, with the economy still entrenched in a recession, retailers and studios alike are less inclined to take risks like that. Sony Pictures Entertainment has adopted this less-is-more strategy for its merchandising, and Gregory Economos says Sony can better respond to consumer demands because it has a smaller, nimbler staff than some of the other major players. This requires it to work closely with retailers and other distributors of its merchandise to determine what their customers will buy. “I think because of our leanness, it gives us flexibility to only conduct programs we think will work,” says Economos, senior vice president of Global Consumer Products for Sony. “That makes things easier on us.” Sony Pictures Entertainment owns some of the most recognizable and popular properties on the large and small screens.The production company’s portfolio includes blockbuster movie franchises like “Men in Black,” “Smurfs” and “Ghostbusters,” as well as television favorites including “Wheel of Fortune,”“Jeopardy,” “Community,” “Breaking Bad” and “Pan Am.” New Reality With a weak global economy, Economos says Sony Pictures had to come up with a new strategy to alleviate the risk involved for Sony and its retailers alike. These efforts involve carefully monitoring purchasing patterns and partnering with retailers to determine what best suits the end-users’ demands. 56 January/February 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - January/february 2012
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Retail Merchandiser - January/February 2012