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January/February 2012 | COVER STORIES CONTENTS 30 48 36 42 The power of digital licensing is realized through sensations spawned by a video game (Angry Birds), a downloadable app (Talking Friends), Web videos (Annoying Orange) and a website (Stardoll). 30 Striker Entertainment 36 Beanstalk Striker Entertainment is racking up high scores as the licensing agent for the “Angry Birds” video game series. 42 Joester Loria 48 Stardoll Licensing is going digital at lightning “Annoying Orange” licensed prod- The `fame, fashion, friends’-centered speed by extending characters from ucts are being rolled out before the website takes the leap into the real apps like “Talking Friends.” character’s cable television debut. world with two big licensing deals. January/February 2012 retail merchandiser 3

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Retail Merchandiser - January/February 2012

Retail Merchandiser - January/february 2012
What the Nose Knows
Customized Marketing
Greener Logistics
Illuminating Retail
Toy Fair 2012 Preview
Wandering Wallet
Targeting Digital Neighborhoods
Ces 2012 Show Wrap-Up
Category Insight
Striker Entertainment
Joester Loria
Sony Pictures
Mind Candy
Empowered Media LLC
Global Icons
Pep Boys
Tedeschi Food Shops
New Hampshire Liquor
B-O-F Corp.
New & Notable

Retail Merchandiser - January/February 2012