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BEST PRACTICES Customized MARKETING Maintain consistent messages through seamless integrated marketing. T he marketing world has changed dramatically in the past few years. Today, it is not sufficient to advertise only in print media, especially on a nationwide level. Retailers now are using local advertising outlets to attract and retain customers in their specific geographic markets. To preserve the corporate brand, retailers need a defined system to maintain consistent marketing messages when translating and transforming national marketing efforts to a local audience. The key to achieving this is seamless integrated marketing. system – an online storage facility of all assets including artwork, company guidelines for creating marketing materials and any applicable local, state or national policies and rules for use. cated ad layout software, users of the portal can navigate through a series of steps to create specific marketing materials for their target markets. They have the ability to customize materials to: • Respond quickly to market demands and changes; • Ensure the information on the materials is up-to-date; • Display local pricing, promotional offers and contact information; • Guarantee compliance with current corporate rules and regulations; • Represent the company brands and messages accurately; and • Share marketing successes and innovations with others in the organization. Using this integrated marketing approach creates efficiencies in corporate marketing that pave the way to achieve strategic goals. Local Marketing By allowing the local store owners and operators to customize advertising, they can better respond to the needs and demands of the communities in which their stores are located. Through the evolution of technology and portable communication devices, retailers are able to update the marketing messages frequently. Without an integrated marketing portal, these responses would not be as current or relevant. This local outreach translates into new customers and new sales, which is a win-win for local and national retailers. O John Kocher is executive vice president of MultiAd, Peoria, Ill., a full-service marketing organization creating solutions such as asset management, in-house printing, IT development, marketing and media services. For further information, call 888-594-5331, ext. 5231, or visit Integrated Marketing As marketing budgets and staff decrease, it’s more important than ever to streamline marketing processes. An integrated marketing plan provides consistent messaging across all channels and locations. Messaging – whether delivered through product images, data and collateral material – requires a mechanism to manage those assets in one central repository. This is superior to having some assets stored on a hard drive at the corporate office, while others are at each individual site and on a variety of internal workstations at different locations. For the plan to be effective, employees must be able to access, download and customize product images and data for their local campaigns. All of this is easily accomplished through a marketing portal or Integrated Portal An integrated marketing portal or system allows companies to centrally locate their marketing assets. The portal enables corporate staff to create approved templates as well as specific rules and disclaimers based on who is accessing the portal and the location of where the marketing materials will be distributed. The advantage is employees at any local facility have the ability to access whatever they need, whenever they need it, and in the format they need rather than waiting for weeks or months for corporate approval and delivery. Even without sophisti- 10 January/February 2012

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Retail Merchandiser - January/february 2012
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Retail Merchandiser - January/February 2012