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A unique product Chino Valley Ranchers’ lines of products include different varieties of nutritional additives, including omega-3 and vitamin E, but it’s the most recently added product – a soy-free egg – that’s showing the greatest promise. On the market for just under a year, this niche product is still gaining momentum. The company addressed the needs of its consumers with soy allergies by developing a specially formulated diet for the chickens that is free from soy. Charting new territory, the people at Chino Valley Ranchers – based on customer comments and demand – experimented with different organic grains other than soybeans to create a nutritionally equal diet for the birds. The web site was launched and brochures were printed to fit into store displays. However, the company has found word-of-mouth to be the best marketing tool, and store buyers requested to carry the soy-free eggs after hearing they were available in other stores. Although the population affected by soy allergies is small, the product is doing well for the company because Chino Valley Ranchers is the only one who offers it in the western region. As for the rest of the product lines, they’re doing well, too. “We were one of the first to really invest our efforts into the organic, cage-free movement and those products so I believe we were a little bit ahead of the competition, creating a good reputation for ourselves,” Nichols notes. In the last few years, specialty, local and organic products have grown in popularity and more retailers are joining in with their own product lines. Chino Valley Ranchers’ advantage is that it already had the product and was previously servicing larger retailers so the capacity was already there. Other businesses, however, needed to invest money in new equipment and learn how those systems – which are very different from mainstream egg production – work. Although good timing helped inch the company ahead of its competition, the quality of its organic eggs is what sets it apart from the competition. “People are paying a premium for a product and they shouldn’t have to accept something that is subpar,” Nichols says. “I feel that with what we do every day we do give them a premium product.” O —Angela Forsyth September/October 2011 retail merchandiser 81

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011