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Supplier CHINO VALLEY RANCHERS A Family of Farmers Quality, integrity and honesty are the foundation of what makes Chino Valley Ranchers’ eggs so special, and this family business says that’s the way it should be. t all started with an egg route in the early 1950s. A young man by the name of Charles B. Nichols delivered eggs he collected from farmers in the area. Seeing a need for more eggs, he set up a small chicken flock in his backyard. Years later, he and his wife, Isabella, purchased their own ranch in Beaumont, Calif., where they and their three children – Charles, David and Steve – spent many years caring for chickens and finding innovative ways to improve their way of life. One of these ways was taking the chickens out of cages and allowing them to roam freely in and out of their nests, an idea that later caught on and became the standard for humane treatment. Charles B. Nichols’ dedication to the wholesome, traditional I roots of chicken farming paved the way for his son Steve and Steve’s wife, Kathy, to continue in his footsteps, taking over Chino Valley Ranchers in 1989. Then, in 2008 Chris Nichols – Steve and Kathy’s son – officially joined the family business as vice president, making it a three-generation business. Today, even with five ranches, two plants, more than 260 employees and a sales region that extends from California to Colorado, Chino Valley Ranchers still has that small family farm mentality. Its employees continue to dedicate their jobs to collecting completely natural eggs from hens that have the freedom to roam around the farm. Beyond how it treats its chickens, Chino Valley Ranchers also believes in treating its customers with respect. September/October 2011 retail merchandiser 79

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011