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Supplier NATIONAL CATTLEMEN’S BEEF ASSOCIATION Beefing Up The Business The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association offers a wide range of tools and information to keep its members informed regarding the state of the beef industry. or more than 100 years, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has represented the interests of U.S. cattle breeders, producers and feeders. The organization’s goal is to create “a dynamic and profitable beef industry, which concentrates on resources around a unified plan, consistently meets global consumer needs and increases demand,” the NCBA says. In addition to working to enhance consumer’s perceptions about beef as an overseer of beef and beef product promotion through affiliate organizations, the NCBA “works to advance the economic, political and social interests of the U.S. cattle business, and to be an advocate for the cattle industry’s policy positions and economic interests,” the association states. With more than 28,000 members, the NCBA represents more than 230,000 cattle industry professionals. F Cattle Education Through its website,, the organization offers a number of tools to assist cattle producers in improving their operations. One way is through an online education forum. The Cattle Learning Center presents timely articles, research and statistical information. An online marketing tool called Competitive Edge helps cattle producers make informed decisions regarding long-term marketing strategy. By entering specific information about an operation, a producer can obtain a list of auction markets within its state, beef alliances, process verified programs (PVP) and quality systems assessments (QSA) programs. In addition, the Cattlemen’s College provides an extensive listing of presentations designed to educate producers. Topics presented include genetics, reproductive management and environmental issues. More in-depth courses are available on CD format at discounted rates, as well. The learning annex of the site also tackles pressing issues affecting the industry. For instance, due to drought conditions in areas across the country, there is a page devoted to drought assis- tance including information regarding the USDA’s drought and disaster related programs available to farmers and ranchers. In addition to several topic-specific newsletters, an interesting creation of the industry is the television show titled Cattlemen to Cattlemen. This news-format program presents cattle market updates, policy news and educational segments related to the beef producers industry. Airing weekly on RFD-TV, the show is now in its fifth season. Legislative Support Backing the government-related needs of beef producers, the NCBA has a political action committee (PAC) that has been part of the organization’s operations for more than 20 years. “Expanding trade opportunities for U.S. cattlemen is a top priority for NCBA,” CEO Forrest Roberts says. “Whether we’re educating lawmakers in Washington about the importance of reducing trade barriers by passing the FTAs [free trade agreements] or working to reopen markets to U.S. beef, every day we are focused on in- September/October 2011 retail merchandiser 77

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011