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Retail UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE INC. An Act of Independence University Book Store Inc. plays a valued role in the University of Washington community. Bryan Pearce Seattle, Wash. niversity Book Store Inc. is not your typical campus bookstore. Founded in 1900, the store has provided support to the University of Washington (UW) and its hundreds of thousands of students and community members. For more than a century, the Seattle-based store has operated independently from the university. This has allowed for a unique mixture of products not typical of today’s campus bookstore. “Since the store began, we’ve been owned and governed by our customers, similar to a co-op system,” says Bryan Pearce, chief executive officer at University Book Store. “Therefore, we’re relentlessly focused on providing our customers with unique and memorable experiences in everything we do.” For the past 111 years, the University Book Store has operated as a self-funded, independent company. As Pearce notes, the store has never received state funding. However, it has provided tens of millions of dollars to benefit customers, particularly students, and the university. The University Book Store provides more than $1 million in UW customer rebates and discounts annually, and has provided $32 million in customer re- U bates since 1930. The store also has donated more than $800,000 in UW student scholarships and is a UW Laureate contributor with total donations in excess of $1 million. Because of its unique operating structure, University Book Store has been tremendously successful over the past century. “There is no other college store like the University Book Store,” Pearce continues. As Pearce explains, there are over 4,500 college stores in the United States, and University Book Store is third in total sales volume and leads all college stores in the sale of books and supplies. University Book Store is one of only a few campus stores that are organized as independent, tax-paying corporations with direct student involvement on the board of directors. What’s more, the store is one of only a handful 68 September/October 2011

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011