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Retail 2CHECKOUT.COM Safe, Secure, Convenient exists to make the back-end much easier for online retailers, and its founder says the company serves more than 80,000 merchants today. Alan Homewood Columbus, Ohio uring the height of the Internet boom in 1999, former database technology consultant Alan Homewood aspired to start his own web-based business, but struggled to develop a specific plan. After extensive research and brainstorming, Homewood identified one of the biggest challenges for online businesses: performing safe, secure and easy financial transactions over the Internet. “In 1999, online payment processing was a huge problem,” Homewood says. “The fees were high for web-based companies, and every service provider in the market was offering expensive solutions just to get started. My goal was to simplify the back-end functionality for smaller businesses at a lower price, D so aspiring entrepreneurs had a legitimate solution they could afford, was reliable and that they could actually operate themselves.” Homewood recognized a niche in the market to serve smaller start-ups with affordable payment processing services. For a $50 entry fee, clients would then pay 5.5 percent per product sold through and no other fees. “Our system and its all-inclusive pricing model was designed to empower clients to focus less time and energy on payments management and integration and more time on growing their business by selling more products,” he says. “At the time, there were so many aspiring small business owners in the marketplace that were one step away from living their dream as an inde- 60 September/October 2011

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011
Will mCommerce Make Black Friday Green?
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University Book Store Inc.
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National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
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Freeman Beauty Labs
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011