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50 Licensing | Influential Brands Down by the Boardwalk Already an instantly recognizable game brand, the classic board game Monopoly stays fresh by entering new markets and gaming platforms for all walks of life. Who among us has never passed “GO!” and collected $200? A global brand icon that has brought families and friends together for more than 75 years, Hasbro publishes the game and also owns the Parker Brothers brand. The company continues to create entertainment experiences via board games and video games, mobile phones and everything in between, reaching out to consumers of almost every age. Available in more than 100 countries, translated into 43 languages and played by more than 1 billion people since it was introduced, the game is tailored to each geographic market it enters. For example, the high-priced Park Place we know in the U.S. version is localized around the world, such as the Paris edition, where it is the Champs-Elysees. That localization is done on a marketby-market basis, and it has helped make the game more accessible for players worldwide. According to Hasbro Director of Family Gaming Jasmine Obhrai, part of Monopoly’s appeal is that it is instantly recognizable and provides players with a feeling of excitement and empowerment. In addition, a byproduct of that empowerment is a lesson in financial management that children can take with them for the rest of their lives. Jasmine Obhrai, Hasbro director of family gaming Headquarters: Pawtucket, R.I. Revenue: $4 billion (Hasbro) Year Established: 1923 (Hasbro), 1935 (Monopoly) MAINTAINING RELEVANCE The constant challenge is introducing the Monopoly game to a new generation of families, children and young adults. A careful balance must be struck between paying homage to the game’s classic attributes while still looking to reach new audiences. Keeping elements intact such as favorite game pieces like the little Scotty dog and the racecar maintains brand equity. At the same time, the brand looks for ways to take care of the core of the brand and develop experiences that consumers want. This year, the company introduced Monopoly Planet, which is basically but is designed for kids. “Additionally, Hasbro and Electronic Arts launched a Monopoly app on Facebook in February 2011,” Obhrai says. “Called Monopoly Millionaires, the multiplayer game is enjoyed by millions of fans and provides an engaging online social experience centered around a globally popular Hasbro brand.” 1935 Parker Brothers buys the Monopoly game from Charles Darrow. 1944 Soldiers playing the game are used in product advertising. 1959 The Monopoly brand is included at the American National Exhibition in Moscow. 1965 30th anniversary set is produced in a special plastic case. 56 September/October 2011

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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011
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Retail Merchandiser - September/October 2011